checklist iconThe Multimmunity 12-Point Difference

1.  100% strength guarantee.

Multimmunity contains the appropriate amounts of ingredients for optimal health benefit.  Our formulation is designed to support the body’s natural abilities, increase of energy levels, increase in immune function, improve sleep patterns, decrease inflammation and oxidative stress, and additional formulation specific characteristics.  Multimmunity’s formulation has been thoroughly tested with collaborated research partners including the U.S. Deptartment of Defense and NASA.

2.  Multimmunity contains the widest range of dietary and endogenous antioxidant supplements.

There are many types of free radicals, and they are generated from different sources, found in varying concentrations, and exist in different cellular and tissue compartments. Similarly, there are several types of antioxidants with different affinities for the various free radicals under differing environmental conditions in the body and utilizing different mechanisms of action. Therefore, to ascertain (as much as reasonably possible) that Multimmunity’s consumers are achieving the most effective antioxidant benefit, the micronutrient formulations contain a comprehensive combination of dietary and endogenous (body-made) antioxidants, including multiple glutathione-elevating agents (glutathione is the body’s most abundant and important internal antioxidant).

3.  Multimmunity contains Vitamin C as Calcium Ascorbate.

Vitamin C typically appears on the commercial shelf in the ascorbic acid form which is the least expensive preparation. However, this form may cause stomach upset and diarrhea in many people, and may even cause kidney problems in some individuals who are sensitive to vitamins. Multimmunity has vitamin C exclusively in the form of calcium ascorbate, which acts as a mild base (not acid) in the body and is generally not associated with these adverse effects.

4.  Multimmunity contains Body Optimized Vitamin E.

There are three esters of vitamin E, which are commonly utilized in commercial preparations; the acetate, succinate and nicotinate forms. In our previous laboratory and clinical work, we have proven that vitamin E succinate is the most bio-available form and the most effective in protecting vital components inside the cell. In addition, we have proven that this form of vitamin E must be combined in proper proportion with tocopherol to maximally protect the environment outside of the body’s cells. Any other combination of vitamin E preparation is less effective.

5.  Multimmunity contains Vitamin A and Mixed Carotenoids in Proper Proportion.

Multimmunity includes a safe amount of vitamin A and mixed carotenoids from natural sources in the daily formulation. It has been well shown that the proper proportions of vitamin A and beta-carotene in adequate doses are critical to completely achieve the cellular/genetic effects necessary for antioxidant function. While vitamin A is derived from beta-carotene, both of these components in part have different mechanisms of action and varying effects inside the cells of the body.

6.  Multimmunity contains appropriate doses of B-vitamins, selenium, zinc, and chromium.

B-vitamins are essential for maintaining optimal health and are needed to reduce homocysteine level in the body. Increased homocysteine level is considered a risk factor for heart disease. Adequate selenium, zinc and chromium must be received from external sources because these critical trace minerals are essential co-factors for many vital enzymatic chemical reactions in the body. They also have some specific, unique beneficial functions in certain health conditions such as diabetes.

7.  Multimmunity contains appropriate Natural or Synthetic Micronutrient forms.

Multimmunity contains the appropriate natural or synthetic forms of each micronutrient. Vitamins A,C and E must each be in the proper form to produce the most biologically active effects. For example, vitamin E and beta-carotene must be from natural sources to be beneficial. The synthetic forms are ineffective. In contrast, calcium should be given in the synthetic form since the natural state generally includes undesirable contaminants.

8.  Multimmunity contains Citrate Form of Magnesium.

Several forms of magnesium are available in the commercial marketplace often without regard to biological action. We only provide magnesium in the most effective citrate form. This approach also beneficially impacts calcium metabolism to achieve maximum absorption of both of these constituents.

9.  Multimmunity does not contain Iron, Copper or Manganese.

Combined with Vitamin C, Iron, Copper, and Manganese are known to create a pro-oxidative reaction (which is generated in more than 95 percent of the commercial vitamin preparations currently available) and is exactly the opposite of what is desirable. In addition, these minerals (especially iron) in the presence of vitamin C or in any chelated form are highly absorbed which leads to increased iron stores in the body. This is potentially dangerous because men of all ages and women after menopause do not excrete iron in any significant amount and an excess of free iron can accumulate. This increased free iron burden will interact with chemicals such as vitamin C or uric acid and again produce excess amounts of free radicals.

10.  Multimmunity does not contain Inositol, Choline and Methionine.

Multimmunity’s formulation does not contain inositol, choline and methionine which are common in commercial formulations. Virtually all American diets provide at least 1000 mg of inositol and 400-800 mg of choline and methionine which is more than adequate on a daily basis. Therefore, adding these chemicals at the very small doses that are typically present in commercial preparations serves no useful purpose and is perhaps only added to make the label look “more complete.

11.  Multimmunity does not contain Extra Compounds.

In order to maximize safety and reduce the chance for any adverse side effects or interactions, Multimmunity’s formulation does not contain unnecessary, unproven, or potentially harmful constituents. In addition, this strategy of carefully including only the most appropriate components has resulted in Multimmunity’s preparations not demonstrating any interaction with prescription medications or other over-the-counter products. The formulations have been tested in animal and human studies by Department of Defense institutions, have been utilized by consumers for over 15 years, and have demonstrated consistent safety and benefit.

12.  Multimmunity does not contain unnecessary Heavy Metals.

There is no evidence that supplemental use of these heavy metals such as molybdenum, vanadium, and zirconium (which are more than adequately available as trace metals in even a minimal diet) are needed for any health effect. In fact, if these metals are given as additional supplements over a long period of time, there is evidence that they could become neurotoxic. As with many other commercial formulas, these metals are added to look “more complete”.